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HI 83224-02 Photometer for wastewater analysis (Code: HI 83224-02)

HI 83224-02
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HI83224-02 is a compact, laboratory photometer which was designed to run quickly and efficiently wastewater analysis. With HI83224-02, can all nitrogen, phosphate and COD parameters determine and free and total chlorine. Control and monitoring of your water treatment for the HI83224-02 no problem.

He is also equipped with a barcode reader to identify in order to avoid errors.

The HI 83224 is a multiparameter bench photometer that has 15 methods for measurement of COD, chlorine, nitrate, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Automatic recognition of bar coded samples is an exciting feature of the HI 83224. This advanced meter scans each vial inserted into the vialholder and automatically identifies the sample method and range. This feature eliminates errors and simplifies the testing process.

The HI 83224 features a powerful interactive user support system that assists you before, during and after analysis. On-screen tutorials guide you through set-up, calibration and measurement while context sensitive help screens are available at a push of a button.

HI 83224 uses a new series of pre-dosed reagent vials for the 15 methods. Each reagent vial is bar coded with specific reagent information at our factory (with the exception of chlorine). This information is automatically scanned by the
HI 83224 to assure that the vial and method are the same.

Users have the choice of operating the HI 83224 in automatic mode, semi-automatic mode and manual mode.

HI 83224 can log and recall up to 200 different measurements. Stored data includes parameter, test results, sample number, lot number, instrument id, date and time. HI 83224 bench photometer can be connected to a PC via USB. The HI 92000 Windows® compatible software (optional) aids users in managing data.


  • Very clearly legible and illuminable display
  • Automatically selects the correct wavelength
  • Provides quick and easy reliable results
  • Includes all standard cuvette tests for nitrogen, phosphorus , COD and free/total chlorine .
  • Transfer data to your PC at any time via the USB output .
  • Data perform according to GLP reporting standards can with the optional Hanna Windows compatible software ( HI 92000 )
  • Built-in timer
  • Automatic conversion results to other chemical forms ( eg from P to PO43- )
  • Built adapter for the vials .
  • Data management to 200 measurements .
Light source up to 5 tungsten lamps with different narrow band interference filters
Light detector silicon photocell
Logging 200 samples
Connectivity USB
Power supply 230 V power cabel
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) RH max 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 235 x 212 x 143 mm
Weight 640 g
Ordering Information with 10 empty vials , cleaning wipes (4 pieces) , scissors , a power cable 230 V and an illustrated guide

Multi - parameter testing

ParameterRangeresolutionReagentiecodeNumber of testsMethod
Ammonium LR 0 - 3 mg/l 0,01 mg/l HI 94764A-25 25 Nessler
Ammonium HR 0 - 100 mg/l 1 mg/l HI 94764B-25 25 Nessler
Chlorine, total 0 - 5 mg/l 0,01 mg/l to 0,99 mg/l - 0,1 mg/l exceeds 1 mg/l HI 93701-01   DPD
Chlorine, free 0 - 5 mg/l 0,01 mg/l to 0,99 mg/l - 0,1 mg/l exceeds 1 mg/l HI 93701-01   DPD
COD HR 0 - 15000 mg/l 10 mg/l HI 94754C-25 25 Dichromate, mercury
COD LR 0 - 150 mg/l 1 mg/l HI 94754A-25 25 Dichromate, mercury
COD LR (ISO 15705) 0 - 150 mg/l   HI 94754F-25 25  
COD MR 0 - 1500 mg/l 1 mg/l HI 94754B-25 25 Dichromate, mercury
COD MR (ISO 15705) 0 - 1000 mg/l   HI 94754G-25 25  
Phosphorus, Reactive HR 0 - 100 mg/l 0,01 mg/l HI 94763A-50 50 Vanadomolybdofosfor
Phosphorus, reactive LR 0 - 5 mg/l 0,01 mg/l HI 94758A-50 50 Ascorbic
Phosphorus, Total HR 0 - 100 mg/l 01 mg/l HI 94763B-50 50 Vanadomolybdofosfor
Phosphorus, Total LR 0 - 5 mg/l 0,01 mg/l HI 94758C-50 50 Ascorbic
Nitrate 0 - 30 mg/l 0,1 mg/l HI 94766-50 50 Chromotrofisch acid
Nitrogen, Total HR 0 - 150 mg/l 1 mg/l HI 94767B-50 50 Chromotrofisch acid
Nitrogen, total LR 0 - 25 mg/l 0,1 mg/l HI 94767A-50 50 Chromotrofisch acid
Vails without barcode - - HI 937XX-XX - -
Manufacturer: Hanna Instruments
Price: EUR 1.904,54
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 2 Kg
Measuring devices
Parameter: Ammonium, Chlorine (free), Chlorine (total), COD (chemical oxygen demand), Phosphorus, Phosphorus (reactive), Phosphorus (acid hydrolysable), Nitrate, Nitrogen (total)
Test method: Photometry
Sector: Ponds, Industry

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