Solo backpack sprayer 315A CleanLine (Code: P3000 115 01 0011)



Acidic cleaning fluids are effectively used for the commercial cleaning of buildings or in vehicle repair centres. They are also used to combat lime residues and deposits as well as germs, bacteria and much more. They are needed for the hygienic cleaning of medical rooms, baths and toilets, in commercial kitchens, swimming pools, saunas, thermal baths and for the cleaning of fittings. The acidic* solutions in particular are a tough test for the seals and parts in the sprayer.

For that reason, the SOLO CLEANLine sprayers for use with acidic liquids are equipped with nothing but FKM seals.

These sprayers can also be used with solutions that contain oil or solvents. The pump systems are sealed to prevent these aggressive liquids from causing any mechanical damage. This contributes to a long service life.

* Further information concerning the resistence on request.

Major plus points of all SOLO CLEANLine sprayers

  • The container is resistant against UV ray impact, transparent and robust
  • High value seals fitted to all parts that come in contact with spray liquid
  • Ergonomically shaped operating components
  • Efficient and sturdy pumps for quick and effortless pressure build up
  • Resistant plastic parts shaped from special non-corrosive material


  • Acidic pH-scale 1 – 7 (FKM)
  • Large filling and cleaning tank aperture
  • Carrying handle with integrated spray wand holder
  • Ergonomically shaped tank with strong base frame
  • Comfortable hand valve for precisely metered spray volume
  • Long delivery allows more spray distance
  • High value, chemical resistant flat spray nozzle
  • Smooth, effective piston pump with 4-stage, manual spray pressure adjustment
  • Wide, comfortable and padded carrying straps with tension release
  • Nominal capacity: 15 L
  • Max. spray pressure: 4 bar
  • Spray wand length: 50 cm, non-corrosive
  • Delivery hose: 1,4 m
  • Nozzles: High value, chemical resistant Solo flat spray nozzle
  • Carrying system: backpack
  • Type pump: piston
  • Dry weight: 4,5 kg
Manufacturer: Solo
Price: EUR 184,61
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 4,5 Kg
Seals: FKM
Color: Black, Red, Blue, Metal, Transparant