Solo backpack sprayer 435 classic (Code: 43521)



Key features of the Solo comfort backpack sprayer include adjustable pump lever, Viton seals, a handle with integral spray wand retainer and wide shoulder straps. With a piston pump and a tank sizes of 20 L, this sprayer can tackle a wide variety of agricultural and woodland tasks just as successfully as they can handle trade applications and green space maintenance. The extensive range of accessories makes this comfort model even more versatile.

Sample applications:

Plant protection

  • Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs, plantings
  • Professional horticulture and landscaping, greenhouses
  • Espaliered trees, trees
  • Weed control
  • Agricultural crops


  • Disinfection, pest control

Woodland maintenance

  • Plant care, protection against game attack


  • Impressive spray performance, two nozzles as standard
  • Pump lever mounting for right/left-handed users
  • Wide, comfortably padded straps with strain relief
  • Large filling and cleaning aperture
  • Ergonomic tank design:
    • High quality, UV-stabilised plastics
    • Non-pressurised tank with inner air chamber
    • Fill level markings
    • Low inherent weight
    • Clearly visible spray medium level
  • High grip manual valve with pressure gauge connection for precisely metered spray volume
  • Long reinforced hose for extended reach
  • Effective, smooth-running pump
  • Stable tank frame
  • Nominal capacity: 20 L
  • Max. spray pressure: 4 bar
  • Spray wand length: 50 cm
  • Type pump: piston
  • Dry weight: 5,0 kg
  • EAN13: 4015966435203


Manufacturer: Solo
Price: EUR 170,75
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 5,5 Kg
EAN13: 4015966435203
Color: Black, Red, Metal, Transparant