Solo battery-operated pressure sprayer 416 Li (Code: 4000116010011)



Efficient working practices and high performance are called for in enclosed spaces too, such as conservatories and greenhouses. For such applications, Solo offers the battery-operated backpack sprayer – models 417. Free of emissions and whisper-quiet, this unit has a 20 L transparent tank made from highly resilient UV-resistant plastic.

Powerful 12 V pumps, switchable to two stages with up to 4,3 bar pressure deliver the pressure and throughput you need. The low dry weight guarantees tireless working. Once the battery has run out, the charger supplied takes just a few hours to recharge the unit.

In addition, this model is equipped with a comfortable padded backpack support frame with wide shoulder straps that are also padded.

Sample applications:

Plant protection

  • Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs, plantings
  • Professional horticulture and landscaping, greenhouses
  • Espaliered trees, trees
  • Weed control
  • Agricultural crops

Woodland maintenance

  • Plant care


  • Durable spray wand
  • Robust manual valve with vibrationdampened pressure gauge
  • Seals resistant to all spray liquids
  • Large filling and cleaning aperture
  • Integrated tank fill level scale in l/gal
  • Ergonomically designed tank made from UVstabilised plastic with comfortable, padded backpack frame, wide shoulder straps, waist strap and spray wand retainer
  • 1,5 m long hose
  • Robust electric pump in impact-resistant enclosure; two settings for pressure and spray volume
  • Flat spray nozzle 03-F80, compliant with ISO standard
  • Powerful, maintenance-free battery
  • Rechargeable battery: Lithium-ion
  • Capacity: 11,1 V / 7,8 Ah
  • Nominal capacity: 20 L
  • Flat spray nozzle: yes
  • 2-stage spray pressure: 2,5 bar / 4,3 bar
  • Spray volume with standard nozzle: 1,07 l/min at 2,5 bar, 1,42 l/min at 4,3 bar
  • Dry weight: 5,2 kg
  • Spray wand: adjustable (50-90 cm)
  • Standard delivery: pressure gauge, hip strap
  • Sound power level guaranteed: < 70 dB (A)
  • Guaranteed noise: < 70 dB (A)
  • Vibration value: ≤ 2,0 m/s²
  • EAN13: 4015966416013
Manufacturer: Solo
Price: EUR 403,66
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 10 Kg
Engine type: Electric
EAN13: 4015966416013
Color: Black, White, Red, Metal, Transparant