Solo manual sprayer 403 (Code: 4000103)



Small, light and handy, yet robust and versatile – these are our compact manual pressure sprayers 403.

A large filling aperture enables the 1,25 L tank to be filled cleanly with the spray liquid, and any leftovers can be easily drained.

The large pump lever can quickly raise the internal pressure up to the maximum of 2 bar. This lets you apply almost the entire content without additional pumping. The integral safety valve protects the appliance against excess pressure build-up.

Sample applications:

Plant protection

  • For plants on balconies and patios
  • In private gardens
  • For decorative plants and shrubs


  • Metal pump lever
  • Safety valve
  • Adjustable universal nozzle
  • Large filling aperture
  • Ergonomic robust handle that can also be gripped with gloves
  • Transparent tank with fill volume scale: 1,25 L
  • Sound footing thanks to three support legs
  • Piston pump: yes
  • Nominal capacity: 1,25 L
  • Max. spray pressure: 2 bar
  • Safety valve: yes
  • Dry weight: 0,5 kg


Manufacturer: Solo
Price: EUR 12,46
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 1 Kg