FCSP2 Decking 54x61cm (Code: FCSP2)

  • Alu-Frame with Quick Pick platform
  • 4 telescopic Legs Ø26mm/650mm
  • Jointed Feet
  • Fits all types of Seat Boxes
  • Dimension: 610mm x 540mm
  • EAN13: 5425014863215
Manufacturer: Fix2
Price: EUR 102,78
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Seat Boxes
Model: Seat box, Island
Type: 450 (standard model, drawer: 450 x 290 mm)
Exterieur: Standaard
Leg diameter: 26 mm
Q-system It’s characterized by an open clamp system that allows the fisher to quickly attach and remove accessories. : No