Fontan: ULV cold fogging applicators

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In spraying terms, ULV (Ultra Low Volume) is defined as the smallest volume of liquid required which is necessary to achieve the treatment objective. Generally, using the ULV spraying mode, the quantity of spraying liquid required lies between 0,5 and 50 litres per hectare, depending on the environment and treatment objective. As a rule, for mosquito control, the volume required tends to be at the lower end of the range, whereas for plant protection in plantations and greenhouses, it is at the higher end of the range.


In 1979, we introduced the first electrically driven Fontan ULV fine spraying applicator into the market, which founded our reputation as pioneers of fine spraying technology. The current programme of modern and efficient ULV aerosol generators is based on our wealth of experience.


Fontan is our range of ULV cold fogging applicators for the efficient and economic control of insects, pests, fungi, viruses and bacteria:

  • Plant protection in greenhouses for ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables
  • Stock protection in warehouses, silos and plants for processing foodstuffs, agricultural products, textiles and tobacco
  • Health and hygiene in public, private and commercial areas and also in the livestock industry (pest control, inhalation vaccination in intensive animal keeping)
  • Disinfection measures in areas occupied by people and also in the livestock and foodstuff industries



Fontan Compactstar

ULV cold fogger with ablower/stator system. Available with two types of chemical tank, 15 L or 34 L capacity. Semi-automatic spraying operation. A timer is available as optional accessory.






Fontan Turbostar

ULV cold fogger with a blower/stator system, height adjustable. Chemical tank, capacity 34 L. Programmable fully automatic operation. Fontan Compactstar and Fontan Turbostar are identical with regard to output capacity and droplet quality.




Fontan Twinstar

ULV cold fogger with two height adjustable blower/stator systems that can be operated in opposite direction or in parallel. Programmable fully automatic operation. In comparison with the Fontan Compactstar or the Fontan Turbostar the Fontan Twinstar has double the output capacity with the same droplet quality.




Fontan Starlet

ULV/LV cold fogger, portable, with a spray gun that has a trigger for intermittent fogging and a locking device for continuous operation.
The spray gun can be hand-operated or fixed at the machine. Available with three types of chemical tank having capacities of 6,3 or 11,3 or 34 L. The Fontan Starlet can either be operated in the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) or in the LV (Low Volume) spraying mode.
The Fontan Starlet is designed to treat small rooms or greenhouse areas and is especially suited for disinfection purposes. The Fontan Starlet can be supplied in a standard version (housing made of lacquered steel) or in a stainless steel version, that is ideal for “Cleanroom” treatment.



The Fontan cold fogging applicators Twinstar, Turbostar and Compactstar are driven by electrical motors. Maintenance-free, low pressure rotation pumps, which require no lubrication, produce an air flow at high velocity, which is further accelerated by a swirl vane in the nozzle module. The resulting Venturi effect produces a negative pressure, which draws the spraying liquid, via the suction hose, to the nozzle module, where the liquid is atomized into a fine aerosol fog. The low pressure method makes it possible to use spraying nozzles that have relatively large bores so that even wettable powder spraying mixtures can be applied without any problems.
Using the advanced design of the blower/stator system, the aerosol droplets are distributed up to a distance of 60 m per blower. Distribution is performed uniformly through horizontal and vertical air circulation.

Droplet distribution and range of the Fontan Twinstar, 2 x 60 x 40 m (4800 m²).

Range of the Fontan Turbostar and the Fontan Compactstar, 60 x 40 m (2400 m²).

Much larger areas can be treated from a set position of the applicators by means of additional blowers.


Droplet distribution

Typical droplet distribution generated by Fontan Compactstar, Turbostar and Twinstar applicators using various nozzles (measurements with water).

Our design of the blower/stator system guarantees an extremely even coverage of the complete treatment area. The graph shows the result of a treatment having a variation coefficient of only 11,3% between the highest and the lowest coverage.


Typical droplet distribution generated by the Fontan Starlet with dosage nozzles 74 and 100 in the spraying modes ULV (Ultra Low Volume) and LV (Low Volume).



Blower and stator system
The stator directs the air flow, without turbulence, and guarantees droplet transportation up to a distance of 60 m. The power of the blower and the design of the stator provide a uniform coverage, even for large areas and rooms.




Fog produced
by Fontan Turbostar, Twinstar and Compactstar




Operating and programming panel
of the Fontan Turbostar and Twinstar with fully automatic programming functions

  • Timer for the preselection of the starting time.
  • Permanent agitation of the fogging mixture to maintain 100 m a stable suspension of the active substance in the chemical tank. It is possible to switch off this function.
  • Permanent air circulation generated by the blower(s) for the transportation and optimized distribution of the fog droplets with programmable pre and post blower running time.
  • The fogging time is directly related to the volume of liquid to be sprayed, i.e. the applicator operates for as long as it is necessary to fog the pre-set volume of spraying liquid, dependent on its viscosity.
  • After fogging, the feed lines and nozzles are cleaned by a flushing process. The flushing time is adjustable.
  • Automatic shutdown on completion of the entire process.
  • All functions can also be manually activated.



The spray gun of the Fontan Starlet has a trigger for intermittent fogging and a locking device for continuous operation. The Fontan Starlet can be operated in either ULV application mode with a flow rate between 0,8 and 10,8 L/h or in LV mode with a flow rate between 1,8 and 50 L/h, dependent on the nozzle size selected.