Swingtec repair service

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We do maintenance and repairs of all Swingtec devices.

  • Swingfog
    • SN 50
    • SN 81 / SN 81 Pump
    • SN 101 / SN 101 Pump
  • Fontan
    • Fuel
      • Portastar
      • Mobilstar
    • Electric
      • Starlet
      • Compactstar
      • Turbostar
      • Twinstar


You can contact us for:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Spare parts
  • Accessories
  • Technical information


Repair Fontan Turbostar

Below are pictures of a Fontan Turbostar which was overhauled by us.

In the past the device was incorrectly converted by a user so the unit wasn’t working properly. We’ve examined the device in detail and converted it back in the original condition so it works like new again.


The restoration included:

  • Cleaning the device
  • Remove the corrosion and repainting the frame
  • Correctly install the ventilator
  • Replace the air filter
  • Replace the air hose
  • Replacing the valve for flushing system
  • Installation of a new flushing bottle
  • Complete overhaul of the spray gun (new nozzle)
  • Checking the air pump
  • Measure suction pressure
Before repairAfter repair


Repair Swingfog SN 50 PE

Below are pictures of a Swingfog SN 50 PE which was restored by us.


The restoration included:

  • Cleaning the device
  • Replace diaphragm
  • Replace seals
  • Replace stop button (fuel knob)
  • Restore product valve
  • Restore fogging tube
  • Restore protection guard
  • Lubricate the start pump
  • Inspection batteries
  • Adjusting carburetor
  • Measure the pressure of the product and fuel tank