Swingtec: High performance fogging tube

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Standard fogging tubeAll thermal fogging machines of any brand (including Swingfog) were originally developed for the application of oil-based fogging mixtures, mainly for vector and pest control measures. An ideal droplet spectrum between 0 and 40 µm, with 80 to 90 % of all droplets in a range of 10 to 25 µm, is generated.

In agriculture almost all chemical preparations are mixed with water, and for the protection of the environment, there is also in vector and pest control measures, a clear tendency to use more and more water-based chemical preparations.

High performance fogging tubeBecause of the unfavourable surface tension of water and water-based fogging mixtures, the droplet spectrum is by far not so ideal compared with oil-based mixtures. When water-based mixtures are applied with a standard thermal fogging machine, droplets in a range between 0 and 200++ µm with a rather large portion of too big droplets are generated. All droplets bigger than 60/70 µm are too heavy to be properly distributed, and fall down to the ground in the immediate surrounding of the machine, causing within minutes a wet spot in front of the machine. Dependent on flow rate between 20 to 30% of the fogging mixture (and the active ingredient) are lost and wasted. Since highly concentrated chemical mixtures are used, the big droplets can cause damages on plants, when used in agricultural applications, especially in greenhouses.

Our high performance fogging tube was especially designed for the application of waterbased fogging mixtures, and is the only device available in the market, which is really efficient also with rather high flow rates. We offer our high performance fogging tube as optional accessory for all types of Swingfog machines.

When water-based mixtures are fogged with our high performance fogging tube, there are no losses caused by big droplets, and a droplet spectrum is achieved, which can almost be compared with the droplet spectrum of an oil-based fog. Not a single drop is falling down at the front of the machine.

The high performance fogging tube allows rather high flow rates that can not be achieved with any other thermal fogging machine.

Swingfog SN 50:

  • 23,5 l/hour with nozzle 1,1 (recommended)
  • 27 l/hour with nozzle 1,2 (recommended)
  • max. 32 l/hour with nozzle 1,4

Swingfog SN 81 and SN 81 Pump:

  • 39 l/hour with nozzle 1,4 (recommended)
  • 52 l/hour with nozzle 1,7 (recommended)
  • max. 62 l/hour with nozzle 1,9

Swingfog SN 101 M and SN 101 E:

  • 50 l/hour with nozzle 1,6 (recommended)
  • max. 67 l/hour with nozzle 1,9

Swingfog SN 101 Pump:

  • 48 l/hour with nozzle 1,4 (recommended)
  • max. 69 l/hour with nozzle 1,7