FCS40 (Code: FCS40)


Complete ready made fish station with plastic bottom tray and extendable footrest. This station is equipped with a standard module, a sliding drawers and a drawer rig with 19 racks. There are two dynamic rod holders, a keepnet support and a multi-store table with 2 pull-out trays. This station also has a pole grip cushion. The two front legs are telescopic, all six legs have pivoting mud feet. It is made in a combination of plastic and aluminum parts, light in weight and can be further extended.

  • Anodised Alu-Frame with Multi-Storage System (MSS)
  • MSS Anodised Alu-Foot Rest (FCSA90) with telescopic Legs Ø26mm/400-650mm
  • MSS Anodised Table with 2 sliding Tackle Trays and Leg Support (FCSA50)
  • Jointed Feet
  • Base Unit 140 mm (FIX2 Modular System 4x35mm)
  • FIX2 Unit 4520T “Rig Winders” (incl. 19 winders 26 cm)
  • FIX2 Unit 4520L “Drawer” equipped with 1 set of Tackle Trays 4530L
  • Dynamic Pole Support System (FCSA10) + Keepnet Arm (FCSA12)
  • Technical Pole Seat
  • 3-point Adjustable Strap with Shoulder Patch
  • EAN13: 5425014860498
Manufacturer: Fix2
Price: EUR 346,64
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 15,15 Kg
Seat Boxes
Model: Island
Type: 450 (standard model, drawer: 450 x 290 mm)
Exterieur: Standaard
Leg diameter: 26 mm
Q-system It’s characterized by an open clamp system that allows the fisher to quickly attach and remove accessories. : No
EAN13: 5425014860498