FCS9T go & fish chair twist (Code: FCS9T)


Practical fish chair with anodized aluminum frame with large sliding module (12 cm) at the bottom to store accessories: seat box with high comfort reversible cushion and foldable backrest. All legs of this chair having pivoting mud feet. This fish chair can be further expanded with several accessories.

  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • 4 legs Ø26 mm / 500 mm
  • Multi-pivoting claw big foots
  • High comfort reversible cushion with hinged backrest
  • 3-point Adjustable Strap with Fix2 Shoulder Patch
  • FIX2 Unit 4520LX “Drawer”
  • FIX2 Unit 4520L2 “Front Drawer”
  • Rod Rest System (FCSA09) + Keepnet Arm (FCSA12) + Table (FCSA50)
  • EAN13: 5425014864458
Manufacturer: Fix2
Price: EUR 390,10
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 10,84 Kg
Seat Boxes
Model: Island
Type: 450 (standard model, drawer: 450 x 290 mm)
Exterieur: Go & fish
Leg diameter: 26 mm
Q-system It’s characterized by an open clamp system that allows the fisher to quickly attach and remove accessories. : No
EAN13: 5425014864458
Color: Black, Grey, Metal